Wednesday, 5 April 2017

That's it!

That's it!!!! It's all over bar the shouting!! Well, if you're not coming to Finals, it is.

After 18 weeks without a break, the League has run with very few hiccups and problems. Hopefully next year will go even more smoothly, but thank you all for making this season go as well as it did.

Two matches could not be played because of serious problems for teams at this end of the season not allowing time to catch up. The Committee have therefore decided those results. Congratulations to Rodmell for going through the season undefeated and therefore becoming Division 1 champions, and to Lewes Working Men's Club for winning Division 2 and earning promotion to Division 1. Despite a late surge, The Volunteer have moved from having Div3 wooden spoon to Div2 wooden spoon (progress!) and The Brewers get the Div1 wooden spoon and will be relegated to Div2.

This year, there have been an unprecedented number of 8s, so congratulations to Jake Saunders (Rodmell) and Henry ? (LWMC - can we have a surname, please) for winning the 8s competitions.

Finals night is next Monday at the Elly, before 8pm, food only if you've told Gregor you're coming. Everyone welcome to take part in the Doubles competition while the Cup Final, Plate Final and Singles Final take place.

See you all next week, if not, enjoy the summer, go back to your pubs and play some toads and enthuse neighbouring pubs to get into the game.

Cheers, Dave and Sally

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