Fixtures & Results 2017 - 2018

Lewes and District Toad in the Hole League – Fixtures 2017-18


Mon, 2nd Oct Match1

Rodmell v Bye1
Royal Toads v Blacksmiths Arms
Black Horse v Stand Up Comics
Long Man TH v Laughing Fish A

Nellies v Snowdrop
Lindfield Lobbers v Bye2
Plough Puddocks v Royal Oak
Brewers v Black Swans

Laughing Fish C v British Queen
ASBO v Black Barbarians
Volunteer v Bye3
Cacklebury Kings v Happy Haddocks

Mon 9th Oct Match 2

Black Horse v Bye1
Long Man TH v Royal Toads
Laughing Fish A v Rodmell
Stand Up Comics v Blacksmiths Arms

Plough Puddocks v Snowdrop
Brewers v Lindfield Lobbers
Black Swans v Nellies
Royal Oak v Bye2

Volunteer v British Queen
Cacklebury Kings v ASBO
Happy Haddocks v Laughing Fish C
Bye3 v Black Barbarians

Mon 16th Oct Match 3

Long Man TH v Bye1
Laughing Fish A v Black Horse
Stand Up Comics v Royal Toads
Blacksmiths Arms v Rodmell

Brewers v Snowdrop
Black Swans v Plough Puddocks
Royal Oak v Lindfield Lobbers
Bye2 v Nellies

Cacklebury Kings v British Queen
Happy Haddocks v Volunteer
Bye3 v ASBO
Black Barbarians v Laughing Fish C

Mon 23rd Oct
Cup Round 1


Mon 30th Oct Match 4

Bye1 v Stand Up Comics
Blacksmiths Arms v Laughing Fish A
Rodmell v Long Man TH
Royal Toads v Black Horse

Snowdrop v Royal Oak
Bye2 v Black Swans
Nellies v Brewers
Lindfield Lobbers v Plough Puddocks

British Queen v Bye3
Black Barbarians v Happy Haddocks
Laughing Fish C v Cacklebury Kings
ASBO v Volunteer

Mon 6th  Nov Replays

Mon 13th Nov Match 5

Royal Toads v Bye1
Black Horse v Rodmell
Long Man TH v Blacksmiths Arms
Laughing Fish A v Stand Up Comics

Lindfield Lobbers v Snowdrop
Plough Puddocks v Nellies
Brewers v Bye2
Black Swans v Royal Oak

ASBO v British Queen
Volunteer v Laughing Fish C
Cacklebury Kings v Black Barbarians
Happy Haddocks v Bye3

Mon 20th Nov Match 6

Bye1 v Laughing Fish A
Stand Up Comics v Long Man TH
Blacksmiths Arms v Black Horse
Rodmell v Royal Toads

Snowdrop v Black Swans
Royal Oak v Brewers
Bye2 v Plough Puddocks
Nellies v Lindfield Lobbers

British Queen v Happy Haddocks
Bye3 v Cacklebury Kings
Black Barbarians v Volunteer
Laughing Fish C v ASBO

Mon 27th Nov Match 7

Bye1 v Blacksmiths Arms
Rodmell v Stand Up Comics
Royal Toads v Laughing Fish A
Black Horse v Long Man TH

Snowdrop v Bye2
Nellies v Royal Oak
Lindfield Lobbers v Black Swans
Plough Puddocks v Brewers

British Queen v Black Barbarians
Laughing Fish C v Bye3
ASBO v Happy Haddocks
Volunteer v Cacklebury Kings

Mon 4th Dec
Cup Round 2

Mon 11th Dec Match 8

Bye1 v Long Man TH
Black Horse v Laughing Fish A
Royal Toads v Stand Up Comics
Rodmell v Blacksmiths Arms

Snowdrop v Brewers
Plough Puddocks v Black Swans
Lindfield Lobbers v Royal Oak
Nellies v Bye2

British Queen v Cacklebury Kings
Volunteer v Happy Haddocks
ASBO v Bye3
Laughing Fish C v Black Barbarians

Mon 18th Dec
Xmas Party


Mon 8th Jan Match9

Blacksmiths Arms v Bye1
Stand Up Comics v Rodmell
Laughing Fish A v Royal Toads
Long Man TH v Black Horse

Bye2 v Snowdrop
Royal Oak v Nellies
Black Swans v Lindfield Lobbers
Brewers v Plough Puddocks

Black Barbarians v British Queen
Bye3 v Laughing Fish C
Happy Haddocks v ASBO
Cacklebury Kings v Volunteer

Mon 15th Jan
Singles Tourn


Mon 22nd Jan Match10

Bye1 v Black Horse
Royal Toads v Long Man TH
Rodmell v Laughing Fish A
Blacksmiths Arms v Stand Up Comics

Snowdrop v Plough Puddocks
Lindfield Lobbers v Brewers
Nellies v Black Swans
Bye2 v Royal Oak

British Queen v Volunteer
ASBO v Cacklebury Kings
Laughing Fish C v Happy Haddocks
Black Barbarians v Bye3

Mon 29th Jan
Cup QuartersAnd Plate

Mon 5th Feb Match 11

Stand Up Comics v Bye1
Laughing Fish A v Blacksmiths Arms
Long Man TH v Rodmell
Black Horse v Royal Toads

Royal Oak v Snowdrop
Black Swans v Bye2
Brewers v Nellies
Plough Puddocks v Lindfield Lobbers

Bye3 v British Queen
Happy Haddocks v Black Barbarians
Cacklebury Kings v Laughing Fish C
Volunteer v ASBO

Mon 12th Feb
Doubles Tourn

Mon 19th Feb
Match 12

Bye1 v Royal Toads
Rodmell v Black Horse
Blacksmiths Arms v Long Man TH
Stand Up Comics v Laughing Fish A

Snowdrop v Lindfield Lobbers
Nellies v Plough Puddocks
Bye2 v Brewers
Royal Oak v Black Swans

British Queen v ASBO
LaughingFishC v Volunteer
Black Barbarians v Cacklebury Kings
Bye3 v Happy Haddocks

Mon 26th Feb Replays

Mon 5th March Cup/Plate Semis

Mon 12th March Match 13

Laughing Fish A v Bye1
Long Man TH v Stand Up Comics
Black Horse v Blacksmiths Arms
Royal Toads v Rodmell

Black Swans v Snowdrop
Brewers v Royal Oak
Plough Puddocks v Bye2
Lindfield Lobbers v Nellies

Happy Haddocks v British Queen
Cacklebury Kings v Bye3
Volunteer v Black Barbarians
ASBO v Laughing Fish C

Mon 19th March Replays

Mon 26th March
Match 14

Bye1 v Rodmell
Blacksmiths Arms v Royal Toads
Stand Up Comics v Black Horse
Laughing Fish A v Long Man TH

Snowdrop v Nellies
Bye2 v Lindfield Lobbers
Royal Oak v Plough Puddocks
Black Swans v Brewers

British Queen v Laughing Fish C
Black Barbarians v ASBO
Bye3 v Volunteer
Happy Haddocks v Cacklebury Kings

Monday 2nd April

Mon 9th Apr Finals’ Night



  1. We at the Bat and Ball in Billinghurst are desperate to join this league. Could some contact me with the details on

    1. Hi Daniel,
      I'm just checking with the committee on the distance from Lewes that you are. I'll let you know as soon as I hear.